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I welcome you all to the insights of A&Y Food Industries Pvt Ltd. Our evolution is directly proportional to our management team and the achievements we celebrate together. With the upcoming globalization and growth all around, our key to business survival is to work hard, excel, and constantly innovate to keep our mark within the industry, which is a driving force for our long-term growth.
In a relatively short time, A&Y Food Industries has grown to be a number one choice for clients & with the effort of delivering exactly what the customer requires on time, is what makes us a dependable source for all your food supplies round the globe. We aim to be the one stop shop from where all your requirements are dealt with.
With this, I whole-heartedly express my gratefulness to my clients for putting faith in us and showing support and we promise them to keep on delivering the quality and commitment that we have.

Company Profile

A&Y Food Industries Pvt Ltd is a Pakistani based limited company which is run by experienced directors, who have established themselves with diversified operations in various industries.
A &Y Food Industries Pvt Ltd, is being run by a team which is originated with a clear objective to cater authentic and original Pakistani and South Asian cuisines around the globe. Our international brand is there to ensure & to provide with excellent food products in the different categories of Ready to Cook, Heat and Eat, Frozen Vegetables, Nuts and Snacks.
We believe in constant rapid growth and innovation, hence, each product under the brand name of A&Y Food Industries Pvt Ltd positions for, and signifies high quality product that is made to meet and satisfy end consumers. The wide range of products are prepared delicately and thus extra attention is paid on procuring finest and best quality ingredients- easy to prepare and promise impeccable results.

Vision & Mission

To be a globally recognized name, at the forefront in Ready to Cook, Heat and Eat, Nuts and Snacks and to achieve growth annually by product line expansion, innovation and continuous up gradation in technology processes, sensitivity and responsiveness to customers needs and gaining customer delight.

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