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As a Pakistani living abroad, you always look for things, especially food that reminds you of home. Spending over a decade in the West, I landed a job much closer to home in Dubai almost 7 years back. A true melting pot of cultures and cultural cuisine keeps life exciting for me and my hard-working wife. But you can’t always eat out so we manage cooking desi food as a couple at home.

Though sometimes, works take a toll on you and you just wish you could re-heat something and eat it immediately to calm your hungry belly. We had tried many brands of freshly frozen food that were vegan friendly since my wife is vegan people. Nothing did justice to desi frozen meals till recently when we randomly ended up at Karachi Delight kiosk at Gulf Food Festival. I had heard of it from a colleague in the UK who was baffled that Karachi Delight, being of Pakistani origin isn’t available in the UAE. He joked around saying we shall have it the next time we visit Europe.

My wife and I were sold at the taste-testing! Amazing samosas! After that we were introduced to this amazing range of products, some of them only done by Karachi Delight! I was so pumped! Doing its name justice, Karachi Delight was so delightful to us that while conversing with one of the representatives of AY Foods, I ended up agreeing to not only write a review but also a guest blog - yes the one you’re reading right now - for the brand!

During the introduction of these amazing ready-made meals, I was informed that all the products were made in-house and this mind-blowing range of parathas, samosas, naans, bun kababs, sweets and mithai were all ISO, HACCP, BRC, Vegan and Halal Certified. I mean FTW!!

If you are reading this blog from USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Bahrain, Singapore or Ireland, ding ding ding!! You’re in luck, these are available there so do check them out. My favourite is the vegetable spring roll. Find more information click here

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